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Location: Türkiye

work stages

We coordinate a time for an online meeting. Discuss the project tasks and your preferences. Determine the exact project cost. Sign a contract. Payment can be divided into 2-4 parts.
*You will also receive a free month of the Tilda account using my promo code. (Valid when registering as a new user)
If necessary, I conduct the following work: goal and task setting, defining the target audience, creating user personas, project strategy, information architecture, and competitor analysis.
Schematic view of the website + moodboard that reflects key design aspects: overall mood, color scheme, selection of font pair, and reference search.


I will prepare two options for the first screen for you. Once you choose one, we can proceed to the remaining blocks and pages.
After finalizing the design for all pages, I proceed to the website development, creating both the desktop and mobile versions.
After receiving the final payment, I complete the final phase of work: connecting forms, basic SEO optimization, and transferring the account.



Prototype / Moodboard


Main Screen


tilda Step


Post-payment / settings